Laporte has used their Olympic experience to develop the 185 Skeet in both 6 and 12 column versions, which has found enthusiasts around the world due to its perfect blend of innovative technology combined with high standards of quality manufacturing.

The 185 Skeet has a magazine capacity of 400 or 700 clays depending on the model, and an instant target release system with mechanical gearbox release. It is equipped with high-performance anti-corrosion steel throwing plate, an anti-vibration throwing arm system and a timer for Olympic skeet. The body of the machine has been developed using a new metal moulding process for exceptional accuracy.


Clay magazine: 
6c 700 capacity per layout 
12c 1400 capacity per layout

Clay Targets: standard.

Re-cocking times: 1.8 seconds.

Instant release: 20 milliseconds.

Warranty: 1 year standard (consumable items exempt).

Throwing specification: as per regulations.

Power: comes 12v as standard, 230v available as special order.

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