The world's only laser target for airguns and small bore rifle.

Most accurate target worldwide

  • ISSF approval phase 1, 2 and 3
  • Threefold HD-infrared (harmless) laser measurement
  • Contact-free shot measurement across the whole target plane
  • No parallax error
  • Sensational and consistent accuracy
  • Integrated LED target illumination
  • Shooting control device (option)
  • Wear-free (no paper rolls / rubber band required)
  • Reinforced front frame for small bore rifle
  • Also suitable for outdoor shooting
  • Worldwide patent
  • Unbeatable  price / performance  ratio


The professional outfit for all international competitions
In connection with the basic unit SA951,the outfit can be adjusted to meet any customer’s requirements.From a single lane installation to a networkedsystem for competitions with central data control/evaluation and display for spectators on large
monitors or projection screens – almost anything is possible.


The complete mobile training equipment for airguns and small bore rifle.
Installed on a Windows-based PC/Laptop, the program SIUSLANE allows the control of the connected target and provides/displays the shot location immediately.


Optional shooting control device for international competitions
The shooting control device is needed for all international competitions (ISSF requirement). It is to be attached to the bullet trap.

  • 1
    FOR 10 METER
  • LS25/50 LASERSCORE FOR 25M & 50M

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